BREXIT – How will it affect you?


Following the Brexit referendum on 23rd June 2016 our new Prime Minister’s statement “Brexit means Brexit” is now being debated. How is the EU Common Agricultural Policy web going to be untangled?

Whatever the process the Government has honoured the current agricultural subsidy regime until 2020, but what then?


Rural Chartered Surveyors, Land Agents and Valuers, Miller & Miller, Sheffield are keeping a close eye on events as they unfold to make sure landowners and tenant’s voices are heard.

It is of course a time for change and with that brings uncertainty but with careful planning and management change can bring opportunities which should be embraced and considered positively within an existing business structure.

Conservationists have urged ministers to increase the availability of land for new farmers and growers through a package of measures including changes to land -use planning, more transparency on land ownership and new incentives for small scale sustainable smallholders. As Sheffield Land Agents we are able to assist in making land available in the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire areas.

That was the call from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) in a new paper which argued that farming in England needs to become more diverse to prove environmentally resilient and publicly accessible.
The report recommended new incentives for landowners to release land and changes to the planning regime to deliver allotments, community right ¬to¬ grow plots and smallholdings.

This may require Government incentives and financial start up grants but the concept of creating new jobs in the countryside is essential to growing new markets and competition aswell as providing a robust, productive and sustainable rural economy.

Barclays have launched a £100m loan fund available for farmers looking to modernise their infrastructure, helping to streamline their farming processes and increase efficiency through investment.

It will also assist farmers looking to reduce their farm’s exposure to market volatility by providing funds to invest in viable diversification projects either within agriculture or from non-agriculture sources.

Miller & Miller, Chartered Surveyors assess planning opportunities in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire including natural resources and diversification to help explore new markets in your area. This is a time for landowners and tenants to assess property management and lettings within the existing mix of farming enterprises.

Have you had a think of what else you can do? No one can predict the future but the best way is to create it!

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