Electricity Wayleave Compensation – Make sure you’re fully compensated.

National Grid, Western Power and Yorkshire Electricity are responsible for paying landowners compensation for any damage caused to your land arising from their works.

Things to know:

1. What compensation is paid?

Surface damage compensation is payable by the Utility company eg grass and arable crops. If the Electricity company use vehicles to cross your land they will most likely make tracks through your crops causing losses and reduction in yields.
The soils may also become rutted and drains may become damaged causing further losses year on year. Top soil and sub soils may become mixed if excavations are carried out which again may reduce future yields. Stones may also be brought to the surface which in turn may damage farm machinery when cutting and bailing.

2. Submitting Claims

Has access been agreed and is a service compound required? If the Utility company requires a compound for storage and welfare purposes this can be by separate agreement and temporary let under commercial terms. At Miller & Miller we make sure you get the highest payment from all aspects of the works.

We assess any damge caused arising from the works and prepare a claim on your behalf. We then negotiate with the Utility company and subject to your agreement agree the level of compensation due and arrange for this to be paid direct to you. All this at no cost to you.


3. What do you do if approached by a Utility company such as Western Power, Yorkshire Electricity, National Grid, or United Utilities?

You may receive a letter in the post from one of these companies which may give details of works they intend to carry out. It may be specific and be served under a Statutory Notice with a plan showing how they intend to take access and what infrastructure they intent to install or want to maintain.

The Notice period gives you sufficient time to consider what is being proposed and to liaise with the case officer to ensure the works are carried out with least disturbance.

The Utility company will undertake to pay your surveyors fees (and legal fees if legal documents are required) and therefore it is advisable to seek advice from Chartered Surveyors, Land Agents and Valuers to assess the proposed scheme and to ensure you are dealt with properly ensuring the work creates the least amount of damage and that you are fully compensated and your land fully restored to your satisfaction.

At Miller & Miller we have extensive knowledge of all the issues associated with Utility works and are able to offer sound practical advice to ensure you are fully protected and receive maximum compensation due.
For further help and advice on all aspects of Electricity Utility Works contact David Miller of Miller & Miller direct on TEL: 0114 327 0120