HS2 Blight Notices & Express Purchase

HS2 Blight Notices & Express Purchase

HS2 Blight Notices are online to complete for owner occupiers and mortgagees of residential properties.

Check you are eligible – are you the freeholder?


Is the property partly or wholly within the safeguarded area?

If wholly in the safeguarded area the Express Purchase would be available.

If partially in the safeguarded area each Blight Notice will be considered on a case by case basis.

If the house is in the safeguard area you will be eligible and if more than 25% of the property (meaning the whole of the property, including the house, garden and land) is within the safeguarded area, Express Purchase will apply.

If less than 25% of the property is within the safeguarded area HS2 will assess whether any part needs to be acquired. An assessment would be undertaken to identify whether the part proposed to be acquired can be taken without “seriously affecting the amenity or convenience”.

If an owner receives a counter notice from HS2 (not to buy), they may within 1 month refer the matter to the Upper Tribunal, which will determine the matter.

If your Blight Notice is accepted, the Department of Transport will write to you to confirm HS2 can begin discussions with you regarding the purchase of your property.

A Form of Claim will be sent requesting information from you which includes Particulars of Claim such as:

  • Value of your property . HS2 will instruct a Valuer to value your property on their behalf and will also instruct a Building Surveyor to check for any defects which could affect its value.

You will need to instruct a Registered RICS Valuer to value your property so this can be compared with HS2‘s valuation figure.

  • Claim for Disturbance ie compensation for reasonable additional costs and losses incurred as a result of being required to move (eg removal expenses), as well as statutory loss payments. It is important you keep a diary record of all time spent and costs incurred arising from HS2 so this can be included in your claim.
  • Claim for loss of easement eg compensation for loss of a right of way.
  • Claim for severance or injurious affection ie compensation for the reduction in value of any land retained by the owner, if only part of the property needs to be purchased.
  • Any increase in value has to be deducted from the total claim.
  • Fees ie compensation for reasonable surveyors’ and/or solicitors’ fees that may be incurred as a result of the property being acquired.

You can download the Owner/Occupier and Mortgagee Statutory Blight Notices on the links below



If you have any problems completing the Notice please get in touch. We are happy to assist and are registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to give 30 minutes of advice free of charge.

We can quickly assess your situation and give you independent impartial advice so you can make an informed decision on what to do.

For further information contact David Miller who is a Registered RICS Valuer on 0114 3270120