HS2 Compensation

Blight Notices, Express Purchase, Need to Sell, Rural Support Zone, Early Access Agreements, Extended Homeowner Protection Zone…….…Confused?


At Miller & Miller we understand the stress HS2 may cause and are here to help guide you through the process whichever scheme your home or land falls under.

It is important you get the best advice from the start to ensure you are fully aware of what compensation you are entitled to and the timing of any sale to HS2 should this be an option available to you.

So what do you need to do?

If affected by the HS2 scheme you need to check what schemes are open to you. For instance if you have had to move for a new job and unable to sell your property you may be entitled to apply to sell to HS2 under the Need to Sell Scheme. If this Scheme does not apply to your situation then check whether your property falls within the Rural Support Zone as you may be entitled to receive a cash payment in lieu of moving.

David Miller a Director of Miller & Miller is an experienced independent valuer who is able to assess your property and your circumstances to ensure you are successful in your claim and obtain the correct amount of compensation payment due to you.

As a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and a Registered RICS Valuer David Miller is able to assist you with any paperwork you may need to complete and liaise with HS2 representatives on your behalf thereby helping to take away some of the stress and time it can place upon you.

As your appointed valuer we will liaise with you at all times to ensure you are fully briefed with the process and will make sure you are happy with the final outcome. If you move or decide to stay put and receive a payment we will ensure you are fully covered financially.

The HS2 Phase 2b scheme announced in July 2016 has blighted many areas and as such Market Value in certain parts of the country are being influenced by the Safeguarding of HS2. It is important therefore you get expert advice to ensure the Market Value of your property is assessed correctly and you obtain the true value.

Below is a summary of the different Schemes currently available:

1. Express Purchase Scheme – Blight Notice :

  • · We can check if your property is within the Safeguarded Area
  • · Help you complete the Blight Notice and other paperwork
  • · Assess the value of your property at no cost to you
  • · Submit your claim to HS2 and negotiate a settlement on your behalf

2. Need to Sell :

  • · We can review your case and advise whether you would be eligible
  • · Help prepare your application
  • · Assess the value of your property at no cost to you

3. Rural Support Zone :

  • · Applies to properties up to 120m from the centre line of the railway in rural areas
  • · You can take a cash offer (10% lump sum of market value. Min payment £30k, Max £100,000k). This will prevent applying for the Voluntary Purchase Scheme later OR
  • · Enter into the Voluntary Purchase Scheme where HS2 buy your property at market value

4. Extended Homeowner Protection Zone :

  • · Applies to properties that previously fell within the Safeguarded Area but no longer do so following subsequent route alignment.
  • · Owner-occupiers within this zone remain eligible to submit a Blight Notice

5. Early Access Agreements:

  • · Affects land within 500m either side of the line
  • · To carry out ecology and pre-construction surveys for 2 years from date of licence
  • · Payments made depending on number of surveys

If you have any questions relating to HS2 and how it may affect you and your property call David Miller on Tel:  0114 327 0120