HS2 Compensation

HS2 Compensation

With strong Government backing, it seems HS2 is on track as the country awaits approval by Parliament on the proposed routes.


Subject to approval the first phase between London and the West Midlands is expected to be opened by 2026 with construction starting in 2017.

Also part of Phase Two, from West Midlands to Crewe is planned to be opened by 2027 with works expecting to start in 2020.

On 7thJuly 2016 an announcement was made for an alternative West Midlands to Leeds route option to be considered (Phase 2b) in parallel to the existing route which affects South Yorkshire.

Considerations such as demand, needs, connectivity, topography and cost are just some of the variables making the South Yorkshire route difficult for HS2 Ltd (and ultimately the Secretary of State) to decide where it should go. More weight has now been given to the talked about Northern Powerhouse Rail project which has influenced the decision process of locating Sheffield’s interchange station with that of maintaining the integrity of the service to Leeds, York and Newcastle.

You may be affected by HS2 either directly by physical “Land Take” or by contractors and consultants wanting “temporary access” to your land for survey work. If no land is to be taken you may be still be entitled to compensation for depreciation of your property arising from its close proximity to the line eg caused by the increase levels of noise, light, dust, pollution etc.

Until the Government makes a final decision on the route of Phase 2b, uncertainty prevails. A discretionary “Exceptional Hardship Scheme” has been set up which is expected to run until the end of 2016. This is for property owners, who are affected by the announcement of the proposed route and  have an urgent need to sell.

An announcement is expected to be made soon on the “Safeguarded Area” being a 120m strip on which the proposed line is to be constructed. Once the Safeguarded Direction has been made, HS2 Ltd will talk to affected property owners about acquiring land and dealing with compensation in respect of items such as “Blight”.

HS2 Ltd has been set up by the Government to develop, deliver and operate the railway. They are responsible to ensure the public understand how they may be affected and what to expect.

Have you been contacted by HS2? Do you understand your rights?

At Miller & Miller we understand the complexities of Compulsory Purchase and how HS2 may affect you, your home and business. If you have any queries or want to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help, to ensure you are treated fairly and receive maximum compensation.