HS2 – Need to Sell Scheme

HS2 – Need to Sell?

If your home is affected by HS2 and you need to sell eg due to changing job or emigrating you can apply under the HS2 Need to Sell Scheme.


Check you are eligible – are you the freeholder owner/occupier (or have let the property after the HS2 announcement) and have a compelling reason to sell?

This is a discretionary scheme as HS2 currently do not have Compulsory Powers to acquire your property (Phase 2a + 2b).

You need to provide evidence and fulfil the requirements of 5 Criterion, namely:

Criterion 1 – Property type

  • Owner/ Occupiers with either a freehold or leasehold interest of an unexpired term not less than 3 years.
  • Mortgagees with a right to sell the property and who can give immediate vacant possession.
  • Personal Representatives of a deceased person.
  • “Reluctant Landlords” – those who have had to let their property after the announcement for compelling reasons, and only own 1 property.

Need to Sell also includes owner/occupiers of business premises with an annual rateable value not exceeding £34,800 and agricultural units.

Criterion 2 – Location of property

  • Is your property in such close proximity to the route that it would be adversely affected either by its construction or by the operation of the new line? There is no fixed distance.
  • Consideration will be given to topography of the area and whether the line will run in a cutting or on a viaduct.

Criterion 3 – Effort to sell and the impact of blight

  • To determine whether it is the blight resulting from the route of HS2, rather than any other factor, which is the reason why your property has not sold or could not be sold, other than at a substantially reduced value (blight value).

Criterion 4 – No prior knowledge

  • Did you buy your property before you could be reasonably expected to have been aware of HS2’s proposals?

Criterion 5 – Compelling reason to sell

  • Do you have evidence of a compelling reason to sell your property?
  • You need to prove you have an unreasonable burden within the next 3 years if you are unable to sell your property except at a significant loss due to HS2’s proposals.

Application Process

The Need to Sell application form can be downloaded from the following link:

Provide as much proof of evidence you can for each Criterion. Hs2 will request further information if insufficient information is provided.

Applications will be considered by a panel of independent professional members , who will recommend to the Secretary of State for Transport whether the case should be accepted.

If you have any problems completing the Need to Sell application please get in touch. We are happy to assist and are registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to give 30 minutes of advice free of charge.

We can quickly assess your situation and give you independent impartial advice so you can make an informed decision on what to do.

For further information contact David Miller who is an independent Registered RICS Valuer on 0114 3270120