Utility Wayleaves and Easements

Been approached by an operator or Utility company to cross your land with a pipe or cable? Do you have Wayleave and Easement Agreements in place?

With land being a finite resource and with the country being densely populated the chances are you will have some form of utility service crossing your land or if not could soon be approached by an operator to enable them to improve their network and connectivity.

At Miller & Miller, Utility Surveyors and Utility Mapping, South Yorkshire we help and advise you negotiate with the Utilities on new and existing Wayleave and Easement agreements to ensure all apparatus are correctly documented. We ensure you receive maximum rates of payments at all times and negotiate compensation claims on your behalf.

For instance do you have a cable over-sailing your land and if so do you have an agreement and receive payment?

If the existing service agreement is a wayleave there may be an opportunity to have the service diverted at no cost to you subject to the land affected being sterilised by the apparatus on receiving planning consent for development.

If you are approached by one of the utilities or a private developer requesting consent to run services across your land, it is important land agent advice is taken at an early stage to ensure not only the correct market level of payment is agreed but also the type of agreement is properly negotiated.

Other types of land agent services include:

  • termination and diversion of existing apparatus
  • negotiation of master wayleave agreements
  • land referencing
  • schedules of condition
  • negotiating rights on behalf of utilities, developers and landowners
  • rights for temporary compounds
  • rights of access to lay and maintain services
  • telecoms/masts, rent reviews
  • pipelines
  • reinstatement/aftercare and associated surface damage claims

If your buildings are close to a 33KV supply, have you considered an Energy Barn and supply electricity back to the Grid? Contact Miller & Miller for more information.

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