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Natural Resources Management

Could your land be used to provide energy or does it have marketable minerals? If your land contains natural resources speak to us about our natural resources management services.

At Miller & Miller, Rural Surveyors, South Yorkshire we are able to assist in the natural resources management, planning and decision making process of whether your land would be suitable for hosting a renewable project whether it be for small scale farm/domestic use or on a commercial footing.

Your land may also have marketable mineral reserves which could be extracted as part of a remediation, de-contamination exercise or prior to development.

As Land Agents during the planning process we can bring to the table ideas on after use and landscaping to maximise the full potential of your land after the scheme has finished and restored.

We are able to advise on open market rents, royalties, access payments and compensation and review them accordingly, managing your agreements to ensure the obligations placed on the individual parties are met.

On completion of a scheme it is important high standards of restoration and aftercare are carried out in accordance with approved planning consents.

As recognised Land Agents we have natural resource contacts throughout the UK with various energy groups, from solar to mining and we are able to negotiate options with operators on your behalf.

If you already have existing wind turbines or a solar farm which you are considering selling to release capital then please contact Miller & Miller for advice.

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