TO LET SHEFFIELD – 12 Ways To Ventilate Your Property

Lettings Sheffield

It is important tenants know and understand the basics on how to ventilate properties they occupy to avoid mould and condensation. Below are some tips.



1. Use passive Vapour vents if no trickle vents are fitted to the windows

2. Do not have airbricks fitted at low level

3. Kitchens and bathrooms require more ventilation due to cooking, washing, bathing and drying creating high levels of moisture which means opening windows

4. Ideally these rooms should be fitted with humidistat controlled extractor fans, these work automatically when humid air is detected

5. Close the bathroom and kitchen doors when these rooms are in use, even if the kitchen or bathroom has extractor fans. This stops the moisture reaching other rooms, especially bedrooms which are often colder and more vulnerable to condensation

6. Allow space for the air to circulate in and around furniture

7. Open doors to ventilate cupboards and wardrobes

8. Leave space between the backs of cupboards and wardrobes

9. Where possible position wardrobes and furniture against internal walls ie walls which have a room on both sides rather than an external wall

10. To reduce the risk of mildew on clothes and other stored items, allow air to circulate round them by removing “false” wardrobe backs or drilling breather holes in them

11. You can place furniture on blocks to allow the air to circulate beneath them

12. Never overfill wardrobes and cupboards as it restricts air circulation


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