Water Pipeline Compensation – Hathersage to Worksop 42km Main

Severn Trent Water Pipeline Compensation Payments

Hathersage to Worksop 42km Water Main


Severn Trent Water (using Avove Utilities Infrastructure & Engineering Services) are proposing to lay a 700mm water main from Hathersage to Worksop. The work will take place in phases, covering approximately 42 km of farmland in total. If you own property in the Peak District, Owler Bar, Holmesfield, Dronfield, Eckington, Renishaw, Barlborough, Whitwell or Worksop you may be affected and could benefit from Severn Trent Water pipeline compensation payments. Pipelines cause disturbance, surface damage, crop loss and financial losses generally. Costs are caused not only during construction but years later if the works are not handled carefully. Drainage and crop losses are examples of this.

Severn Trent will reference the land affected by the pipeline and will try and make contact with all landowners. They will record ownership and occupation with a view to serving a future statutory notice to lay the pipe. You may receive a letter from Severn Trent’s agent requesting this information. It is not obligatory to reply but assists the Water Company in keeping records, especially if the land is unregistered or if the Land Registry details are not up to date.


What Happens Next?

If your land is affected, Severn Trent are required to undertake various surveys. These may include a “walkover” survey such as ecology or “intrusive” survey such as geotechnical drilling. Any survey must be arranged prior with mitigation put in place to minimise disturbance and surface damage. Notice will need to be served by Severn Trent to undertake such surveys in the absence of an agreement being reached between parties.

Once surveyed, the route of the pipe may change to avoid certain ground issues. When finalised, and the ownership of the land is known, Severn Trent will serve a statutory notice under the Water Industry Act 1991 to take entry to lay and construct the pipe. At Miller & Miller we ensure your rights are protected and negotiate the best terms on your behalf.


Severn Trent Water Pipeline Compensation – What should you do?

Severn Trent work to a Code of Practice agreed with the regulator Ofwat which sets out what their obligations are and work ethics they adhere to under the Water Industry Act 1991. One of the undertakings is for Severn Trent to pay reasonable legal and surveyors fees in representing a claimant affected by the works and it is strongly suggested you instruct a Rural Chartered Surveyor to advise you of your rights and to negotiate compensation on your behalf. At Miller & Miller we have exceptional expertise in the field of utility compensation to ensure you receive the best advice and maximum levels of compensation.


Easements, Working Areas & Compounds

Once constructed Severn Trent (and their successors) will have the statutory right to re-enter under the Water Industry Act 1991. The right to re-enter will be to repair, maintain or renew the pipe which could sterilise future use of your land. The easement strip is protected in the future which, for example, restricts digging and prevents building over it.

It is important to ensure any future development land is not sterilised by the easement. If possible a “lift and shift” clause should be incorporated within a formal deed of easement. This would mean any receipt of planning consent requires the Utility Company pay for the loss of development arising from the presence of the pipe. Alternatively the Utility Company can “lift and shift” the pipe away from the sterilised area within your adjoining land.

Note the easement width is fixed (eg 6m) but Severn Trent may also require a Working Area. This runs alongside the easement for construction including compound areas for plant/machinery, storage, welfare facilities etc.

At Miller & Miller we negotiate with Severn Trent to ensure your rights are protected and you receive full compensation.


Statutory Notice – Record of Condition

If your land is affected Seven Trent will serve a statutory notice to take entry to your land. This is done under the Water Industry Act 1991, giving a lead in time before works commence. It is imperative a Record of Condition is taken prior to entry. This gives a detailed photographic record of the land along the easement strip and including the Working Area/compounds. It can then be referred to when the land is restored to ensure a return to the same condition.

At Miller & Miller we ensure all works and restoration works are done to the highest standard. For instance top soil and sub soils should be carefully stripped and stored separately and replaced accordingly. We ensure the restoration is to your reasonable satisfaction. If not we can help ensure Severn Trent return to site to make good and to pay additional compensation.

We understand drainage and the affects of drains being cut and the importance for drains to be properly recorded when damaged and properly reinstated on restoration.


Next Steps if You Need Help with Water Pipeline Compensation

If you have been approached by Severn Trent about the Hathersage to Worksop water pipeline (or any other utility scheme) please feel free to have a no obligation discussion in confidence on how this firm of independent Rural Chartered Surveyors and pipeline compensation specialists can assist you to ensure you have both peace of mind and receive maximum compensation.

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